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Related Fernando Sor Sites

Tecla Editions - This is the place for obtaining guitar music by Fernando Sor as well as Giuliani and others.  Tecla Editions is directed by Dr. Brian Jeffery who is the world's leading authority and biographer of Fernando Sor. "Fernando Sor: The New Complete Works for Guitar Solo and Guitar Duet" which is an authoritative new critical re-engraved edition has recently been completed by Dr. Jeffery and is now available.   Be sure to also visit Tecla's sister site Hebes Web where you can download sheet music files directly, many of them free.

Early Romantic Guitar - An excellent and informative site created and maintained by Len Verrett, a guitarist with knowledge of the period. Len also has an impressive collection of "period" instruments with photos and descriptions on this site.

Related Classical Guitar Sites

Liona Boyd - The fabulous Canadian guitarist with powerful, beautiful sound, great use of color (a real rarity these days) and most important, very musical and virtuosic playing. She has done much good for the classical guitar by performing with such "pop" icons as Gordon Lightfoot and Tracy Chapman thereby introducing newer and larger audiences to the instrument. Enjoy her website. Buy her CDs.

Evangelos and Liza - A truly remarkable husband-wife duo. They also are distinguished solo guitarists in their own rights. Not only are they fine technicians but their styles are, for the most part, "throwbacks" to an earlier era of "romantic" playing with an emphasis on the subtle and expressive use of tone color, vibrato, rubato etc. most recently associated with such great past artists as Segovia and Micha Elman. Visit their website and buy their recordings. You won’t regret that you did.

Jim Ferguson - Jim is best-known as a writer on the guitar - both "classical" and "jazz"- in such publications as Jazz Times, Classical Guitar, Downbeat and Fingerstyle Guitar. He also spent 14 years as an editor of Guitar Player. He also is the author of the interview with Lawrence Johnson which appeared in Guitar Player (Sept. 1989) and is included on this website. His site offers many books, CDs and other educational material mostly devoted to the jazz guitar.

Guitarra Magazine - One of the best classical guitar publications and online guitar sites around with much quality information about the history of our instrument etc. And last but not least IT IS TOTALLY FREE. - A recently formed website of guitar related links which shows great promise.

Jorge Guillen Classical Guitar Archives - Besides being a performer, a composer, and a consultant for the string manufacturer GHS, T.V. and radio producer, Mr. Guillen is the head of the Guitar Department of the University at the University of District of Columbia. His site contains Classical Guitar Music Scores, Midi Files, Classical Music Stations in Real Audio, Software, Links and Events.

The Classical Guitar Home Page - Created and maintained by John Phillip Dimick, this is one of the earliest and best overall pages dedicated to Classical Guitar.

Guitar Foundation of America - Founded in 1973, the Guitar Foundation of America is the largest multinational guitar organization providing serious guitarists worldwide a full range of educational, literary and performance resources and opportunities.

Guitar Review - The oldest continuing classic guitar publication in the United States. Based in New York City, it has set and still sets the highest standard of artistic excellence amongst guitar publications.

Gunnar Eisel's World Guitarist - The illustrious former executive director and webmaster of the Guitar Foundation of America has his own fine website.

Roberts Wesleyan College - The college where Lawrence Johnson teaches. It has a small, but outstanding music department.


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